As part of Piedmont Capital's Portfolio Management services, the Firm offers clients access to a network of third-party money managers for the purpose of managing all, or a portion of, the Client's account. All money managers to whom Piedmont Capital refers its clients are either state-licensed investment advisers, registered investment advisers with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or are entities exempt from registration. 

Piedmont Capital offers recommendations regarding the suitability of a Money Manager, or investment style, based on, but not limited to, the Client's long-term goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, account profile, investment objectives, and/or financial situation.

In addition to evaluating and recommending money managers to clients, Piedmont Capital gathers information from the Client regarding the Client's financial situation and investment objectives. Piedmont Capital monitors each money manager's performance; reviews reports provided to the Client; contacts the Client at least annually to review the Client's financial situation and objectives, and assists the Client in understanding and evaluating the services provided by each money manager. 

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