It is the capstone in our logo. It is the beginning, the middle, and the end in everything we do. At Piedmont Capital, trust is not just a word; it is the very air we breathe.

Our passion is the clear, concise delivery of information. Nowhere is this more evident than in our pricing; we publish our fees for all to see. There are neither hidden fees nor veiled charges. We confidently challenge our competition to convey this cost in the same way.

Full Disclosure.
At Piedmont Capital, we enjoy the opportunity to educate our clients to the language and concepts of the financial services industry. We believe that sound financial principles are the primary factors in financial success, and we are committed to "opening the black box" that investing may sometimes appear to be.

No Proprietary Product.
Completely open architecture. We offer our clients extraordinary access to the best money managers in the world, including over 15,000 mutual funds. We believe that choice should have no limits.

Long Term.
At Piedmont Capital, we think, and we plan for the immediate, mid-, and long- term needs of our Clients. We do not chase the latest, hottest, stock pick, fad, or trend.

The Right Fit.
We believe that there has never been a better time for Clients searching for advice in the financial arena. And, the universe of choice continues to expand everyday. At Piedmont Capital, we celebrate the choice available to our Clients because we believe that each Client must find the right fit. We do not claim to be everything to everybody.

Expectation Management.
At Piedmont Capital, we carefully manage expectations. We make no claim to wild returns, nor do we promise service we cannot deliver. We believe that "what a Client sees should be what a Client gets."

Rapid Response.
If our Clients feel that they are the only Client we have, we have met our goal.

Uncompromising Ethics.
At Piedmont Capital, we believe that honesty and integrity are the core values of the true professional. We will be, first and last, professional!

Unbounded Enthusiasm.
When we answer the phone, we want our Clients to "see" the smile through the line.

Comfortably Familiar.
We know our clients, we know their families, and we know their lives. We are committed to a limited Client base to ensure that we never lose that connection.

Total Confidentiality.
Please see our privacy policy published right on the face of our home page.

No Conflict of Interest.
All of our investment choices are completely price-neutral to us. We receive absolutely no remuneration, other than what our clients pay directly to us. There are no hidden fees, and no hidden charges.

Professional Referral Network.
We at Piedmont Capital work with many of the premier professionals in their industries. If our Clients have relationships with existing professionals, we will enthusiastically cooperate with them. However, if our Clients seek suggestions for potential professional referrals, we welcome the opportunity to work with them to identify professionals that meet their needs. We do not cheat our clients on choice by a requirement to refer business within a giant corporate entity.

Commitment to the Client Experience.
We believe that good financial advice results in peace of mind for the Client. We are committed to our Clients' peace of mind.

Early Adopter of Technology.
As a tool to deliver efficiencies to our Clients, Piedmont Capital utilizes the latest technological advancements to enhance the Client experience.

Fully Coordinated.
For Clients seeking total financial cooperation and coordination among their professionals, Piedmont Capital offers several management options.


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