Our Name

With offices located in the northern Fauquier County village of The Plains, our business lies among the unspoiled foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a place of spectacular beauty and extraordinary history.

Affectionately known as the northern Piedmont region of Virginia, Stonewall Jackson's Confederate army twice traipsed through The Plains on its way to and from the fight at First and Second (Battles of) Manassas during the Civil War. Just across the street from Piedmont Capital's offices, two soldiers of the Civil War lay memorialized on a small bronze plaque - one of the Confederacy, and one of the Union.

The view from our offices faces east to Leathercoat Mountain. Just at the base of Leathercoat Mountain sits Kinloch Farm, where Robert E. Lee spent summers as a boy. In the surrounding hills, valleys, and forests, armies of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars fought and gave their lives for the cause.

Today, despite great pressures from commercial and residential growth, this region retains its fierce dedication to land and culture. And, as the region struggles with the growth 'demon,' much good arises out of the influx of new people and business. Soccer fields are being built for children (and adults), local schools have active, involved constituencies, and with new business comes new opportunity.

Meanwhile, the beauty and heritage that is the northern Piedmont remains in the form of horse and field sports, local politics, and a staunch commitment to land preservation. It is a great time to live and work in the Virginia Piedmont.

Therefore, our first name came easily. The second, "Capital," is our stock and trade. "Asset Management" is what we do. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web address, and in particular, Mr. Lees' magnificent photographs of our community.



Our Symbol

Our logo includes four critical elements.  First, the word "Trust" reigns over everything we do.
Below trust is the traditional helmeted knight, known as "the Protector." We feel that this helmet conveys the passion with which we advocate for our Clients.
On the shield are the symbols of the "Mural" crown and the Dragon. The Mural crown represents the soldier first into the breach. This also mirrors our commitment to our Clients.
And, finally the “Dragon.” Known as the quintessential protector of treasure, we would be remiss to leave him out, never mind the fact that the kids just love dragons.
We hope and trust that as our Clients consider business with Piedmont Capital, that our name and our symbol will have similar meaning for them.

Thank you for considering Piedmont Capital Asset Management LLC.


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